September 11

For the anniversary, you might want to check out my WTC pictures. I especially like the one with the firefighters. As you might observe, one of the pictures is slightly modified...


Slow blogging

I have to admit, I'm a slow blogger. I figured it's a good idea to be ahead of time this time, thus the article above...


Just added a link to a friend, Helge Rushfeldt, whom I got to know when I was a student contact for NIF, Norwegian Association of Chartered Engineers, at NTNU in Trondheim. Have a look at his philosophy pages - makes you think...


Bad Company [3]

Time for my first movie review: Bad Company wasn't that good, so I'll make the review short. I'll recommend the trailer, though. When you've seen it, you've seen the best parts. You get action, funny comments from Chris Rock and some nice pictures from Praha (Prague), but not so much more. My dice shows the number three.


Time And Date .com

Tonights link is to a page that has been around for years, TimeAndDate.com, but still is the best resource for figuring out the time for a webcast or an international phone meeting, creating a custom calendar or figuring out the weekday for a recording from 1967...


Sissel & Eivind Kvambe - Recordings 1967-1972

I finally uploaded some mp3's created from old recordings of my father, Eivind Kvambe, and aunt, Sissel Kvambe, playing together over 30 years ago. Well, it's mostly for the nostalgy of it, but some of the stuff are quite good. Actually, as much as two people (!) have requested that I make the songs available. Around 1967 they were playing at Dolphins Viseklubb in Oslo, the place where many great norwegian artists started their careers. Among these are ěystein Sunde (fan site), Lillebj°rn Nilsen, Finn Kalvik, The Young Norwegians and Kari Svendsen. Most of these artists contributed on the Dolphins record "Viser i trengsel" from 1968, and so did Sissel & Eivind, with the 1968-version of the song Allentown Jail.



Ok, this has been a slow start for my blogging, and I'm not gonna excuse it, but expect more frequent updates from now on. I won't be able to compete with Anders' blog just yet, but I'll give it a try anyway... I guess I need to set up some tool to do this more automatically, otherwise I'll probably get tired of typing HTML quite soon... :) And, Yes, I'll do something with the design too... (But the content has to come first, right?)

The Wannadies

The Swedish band The Wannadies plays great rock, and I was lucky enough to se them live for free at G÷teborgskalaset in Gothenburg, Sweden, last Saturday. They have a new record coming up, and they're touring Norway next week! In Oslo you can see them at So What on Wednesday, August 28. And on the following three days you can see them at Hulen in Bergen, Folken in Stavanger, and Studentersamfundet in Trondheim respectively.

Middle East

I certainly don't know enough about the situation in Israel and the palestinian areas, but it's time that something is done. In my opinion, an important part of the solution will be to give the palestinians their own state, and, if neccessary, build a wall between Israel and Palestina. I do not not intend to take side with any of the parties, and I strongly condemn the violence conducted by both sides in the conflict. I'll write more about this later, when I come up with some good arguments or articles.


Well, according to Anders it's time to start "blogging", so I'd better do that... Text based for now... Well what have I done today, let's see...


Check out the new beta news search from Google: http://news.google.com - works great!


...have been added to my links and resources page, just friends I have found on the web so far. As I have probably forgotten you or not found you out there, please email me so that I can correct the mistake.

Health resources

...there's a lot of good info out there, some of the good norwegian ones are nettdoktor.no, doktoronline.no, dagbladet.no/helse/, vg.no/dinhelse/, lommelegen.no, psykiskhelse.no, aftenposten.no/forbruker/helse/, mentalhelse.no

Strange URLs

How come http://www/ displays the content of Accenture.com - do we (Accenture is my employer) own the domain "www" ??? Cool...


Oh yes, I was playing some guitar. I found the David Bowie chords I needed to play Space Oddity and Ziggy Stardust at http://www.geocities.com/forbestabs/Bowietab.html.


I played some saxophone as well. BTW, if anyone knows an informal Big Band in the Oslo (Norway) area, I would be interested... To satisfy my need for Jazz music I'm currently listening to John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, The Real Thing, and a collection of New Orleans Funk from the sixties and seventies (among a lot of other music I'll mention some other time).

Geeky stuff

Beeing in desperate need for a printer I connected an old IBM PS/1 2205 printer with Tractor Feed (!) paper that I bought in 1991 (!) to my Compaq Armada M700 laptop running Windows XP. And, guess what? It worked perfectly! There was even a digitally signed driver for it included with Windows XP. I wonder what the people at the payment office at work will think when I send them my travel expenses reports on tractor feed paper...

Spying on your neighbor, are you?

Some links to get you started. The norwegian list of income and taxes are still online at http://skatt.ba.no but you have to pay 10 NOK/hour to search. Quite fun though! Other things you need to know can be found in the norwegian phone register telefonkatalogen.no. While your there, remember to create your profile (Din Profil) which makes it easier for me to find you. You can add email, homepage, etc. If your curious of how many norwegians have the same name as you, go to ssb.no/navn/


Hm, this is turning into a diary. Well, never mind... =)

A list of things that would be smart to do, even during vacation: Go to bed at night. Get up in the morning. Eat. Don't worry, be happy! Have fun! Have a good day! Terje =)

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